HOST YOUR events in your own stadium

Virtex Stadium is a new and free audience channel for users and partners that are hosting the most exciting esports events and competitions.

Anyone can host a virtual stadium, whether you are a professional esports organizer, team or individual creator. Together we can create unforgettable experiences for your fans and reinvent the esports experience.  

Keen to find out more? Got an exciting idea? Complete the form below and together we can make it happen.

Why Partner with us?


Whether you are an online only or physical live event organizer, Virtex Stadium means you can easily host your own virtual stadium in parallel, giving your audience more choice and new ways to experience your events.


The virtual stadium environment offers completely new creative advertising opportunities to significantly add to the event experience, and position your brand in an innovative new light that users will remember.


Build your own virtual stadium for your fans and the community. Make it your own and livestream gameplay and competitions to advance the quality of your interactions and grow your audience.

Becoming a partner

Step 1: Contact us!

Start by filling out our onboarding form. Tell us about your event, and don't hold back any crazy ideas that come to mind.

Step 2: Let's chat

We will contact you within 2-3 days to schedule an onboarding call. On this call we’ll take the time to explore ideas and answer questions.

Step 3: Onboarding

Once we agree next steps, you’ll be assigned a partner manager who will work beside you to customize, launch and produce your event.

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