Who We Are

At Virtex we are driven by our passion for both Esports and Virtual Reality (VR). Having been a part of Esports live events as competitors, organisers and fans, we cherish the unique atmosphere of a live show. We choose the stadium over the stream every time.

It's of course then natural that we are also very excited about virtual events, because this new format allows us to bring you much closer to the game. We are not limited by the real world anymore and we can experiment as much as we want to create unforgettable live shows around your favourite games and events. In fact, we want virtual events to feel like a game you experience with friends.

With Virtex Stadium we are working towards combining the best of both worlds to create the most exciting experience in Esports.


We want to contribute and make VR an exciting place, because we believe it is the future of gaming and entertainment. Creating a VR experience for Esports feels like a perfect fit because all of our favourite games are already 3D, whether they are a PC, console or mobile title.

So far we have just been playing and viewing games through 2D screens. Imagine you could only ever watch a football match on TV and never live in front of you in a real stadium?

This is how we think about Esports and why we believe VR is the perfect platform to experience your favourite show.


We want fans to experience the intense excitement and joy that only a live event with a crowd can provide. VR is the ideal platform to deliver this wherever and whenever but we wouldn't be doing it any justice if we stopped there.

In fact, this is where our mission starts as a virtual stadium allows us to create previously impossible experiences and opens up completely new territory with endless creative opportunities.

With everything we do, we aim to bring fans closer to the shows, games and teams that they love.

Our Experience

Virtex is led by an experienced and passionate team. We have worked on massive multiplayer online games with millions of users, created award-winning AAA titles, built some of the earliest VR and AR apps, and hosted Esports events viewed by fans around the world.

Are you excited about our work and are interested in joining the team? Check out our jobs page!

Fully Remote Team

Virtex Entertainment is headquartered in London, UK with fully remote team members in various countries including Finland, Germany, Romania, Turkey and Spain.


If you have any idea, suggestion or if you just want to say hello, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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