About us

Virtex is built on a passion for esports and its biggest moments. Having been a part of it as competitors, organisers and fans, we cherish the unique atmosphere of a live show. We choose the stadium over the stream every time.

With Virtex Stadium, we are building a platform that combines the best of both worlds: to create the most exciting experience in esports and bring you much closer to the game.

Virtex removes the limitations of the real world to redefine the fan experience, allowing experimentation and innovation to help create unforgettable live shows and events.

USER Features

  • Multiplayer - Watch with friends

    Virtex Stadium is a social VR experience at its core. A key aspect of the fan experience is the ability to go to the stadium together with friends and other fans from all around the world, and have this shared experience we all know and love from live events.
    Our lobby environment can host up to 50 users and each stadium server can currently host up to 200 users.

  • Live & 3D - Enter a new dimension

    Viewing gameplay live and in 3D is a new way of spectating that is only possible in a virtual environment. Users can view the live 3D gameplay in the centre of the Stadium or as a hologram in the Lobby. Stadium environments and gameplay recreations are optimized for each game for an ideal viewing experience in VR. Inside the Stadium, fans can even jump from their seat into the game map as the match unfolds around them.

  • Immersive - Be part of the show

    Fans fill stadiums and arenas all over the world because they love the unique atmosphere, the emotions, the show and they want to be a part of it. But the experience and the way they can participate are inherently limited by the laws of reality.

    This is why League of Legend's Elder Dragon was not visible to the audience in Beijing's stadium during Worlds 2017 and Travis Scott concerts in the real world are typically not held under water or in space. Applying cutting edge game development techniques to Esports events in a virtual environment creates an unforgettable interactive and immersive fan experience.

PARTNER Features

  • A New Revenue Stream

    The Virtex Stadium application is F2P and monetizes with in-app purchases for content and digital assets, as well as advertising partnerships. This is an opportunity for IP owners such as publishers, tournament organisers but also Esports teams to add a new revenue stream.

  • Dedicated Stadium for Every Game

    In the real world there are countless dedicated football stadiums, basketball or hockey arenas. Almost every sport in the world has a dedicated stadium or arena. And now for the first time ever, every game can have its own virtual stadium as well. Each stadium Virtex creates is custom made for a specific game and creates the perfect viewing and entertainment experience for players and fans.

  • An Intuitive Viewing Experience

    Viewing gameplay in 3D, just like football or any other spot in a real stadium, is a very natural and intuitive perspective which provides much more context than a 2D video can ever deliver. We hope this new 3D viewing experience may turn some titles into fun to watch spectator games for the first time.

    As many publishers can attest, some competitive games can be very difficult to spectate through 2D video alone, which in turn can make it hard to grow a respective fan base and Esports ecosystem around that game. With a new viewing medium this is then also a new chance for those titles.

  • Enabling Organisers and Producers

    In the past very few tournament organisers had the budget to put on an impressive stage production nor had the budget for a physical LAN event in the first place. Then the global pandemic eliminated live events for a period of time all together. Now every tournament organiser can host a stadium event independent of budget by taking advantage of Virtex Stadium.

  • Globally Accessible Fan Experience

    With Virtex Stadium, events are not limited to the local audience or fans travelling from far away to an event anymore. Every fan from around the world can be a part of every stadium event. This drastically increases the audience potential for organisers whilst also allowing fans to have that unique experience more often.

  • A Video Producers Best Friend

    In Virtex Stadium each individual Stadium server is capable of providing organisers with the same video outputs they would get from a real world venue. Our production console is built around the same tools and industry standards any producer will know and love from a real world live events.

    In addition to this standards based approach we also leverage a suite of new and innovative control systems that organisers and producers can use to have full control over the stadium. Making sure they get the shots that they want every single time in order to create an exciting and engaging narrative by mixing in fans' reactions, the stadium environment and immersive show elements.


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