Create your own
virtual stadium

Virtex is built on a passion for esports and its biggest moments. Having been a part of it as competitors, organisers and fans, we cherish the unique atmosphere of a live show.



Create your own customised stadium

Get Your Own Stadium

An immersive new place to share the hype and feel closer to your team and fans.

New Revenue Stream

Develop new business models while growing your brand and fostering fan connections.

Content creation & distribution

Take advantage of a new distribution channel with exclusive and unique content.

Fan, social & community oriented

Generate unique experiences that your fans can share with their friends.

Unlock the Metaverse for your partners

Engage the audience through brand activations only possible in the metaverse.

Create unique & immersive experiences

Create captivating experiences that are part of the show during live games.


Take your competitions to the next level

Take the entertainment to the next level

Enter a new dimension and allow fans to be closer to the game than ever before.

Showcase your brands and partners

Your presence in the metaverse enables new ways to create brand awareness.

Monetize your audience

Generate new revenue streams, without any upfront costs, via a new audience channel.

Create a unique immersive experience

Unite esports fans in an unparalleled and engaging 3D environment.

Unlock the full potential of your tournaments

Provide your fans with new ways to immerse themselves in the game.

Content creation and distribution platform

Integrated camera tools and live production features to level up your broadcast production.


Find your place in the future of entertainment

Engage with your community & brand ambassadors

Give your fans a new way to create and share content related to your brand.

Increase your presence in the esports ecosystem

3D environments offer opportunities for exciting new creative formats.

Reach new audiences worldwide

Expand your brand by creating unique immersive experiences all over the world.

Generate interactive brand awareness experiences

Interactive advertising is part of the user experience and adds value to the show.

Recognize your fans

Use our analytics tools to get to know your audience better.

Generate always-on brand activations

Be always reachable to your fans 24/7, cross-platform with no downtime.


Unlock the next big thing in esports

Create unique and immersive experiences

Evolve and empower the way users can interact, watch and enjoy your game.

Engage with new audiences worldwide

Reach potential fans on new platforms where your game might not yet be available.

A completely new way to enjoy your game

Increase the value of your game IP and tap into the vast esports ecosystem.

Cross-platform accessibility

A truly shared experience combining full immersion in VR and easy access on PC.

Increase the Player Lifetime Value

Extend the life of your game for users and improve fan engagement and retention.

Add value to your competitions

Effortlessly host your online tournaments in a virtual stadium.

take the game to the next level

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