About Echo VR sunsetting's announcement & the future of Virtex Stadium

February 1, 2023

Key Takeaways

We are saddened to share the news that Meta have made the decision to sunset Echo VR on August 1st. You can find out more on how they came to this decision here and because Echo VR has & always will be a part of Virtex’s DNA we have a few thoughts we want to share.

We’d like to thank Meta & Ready at Dawn for giving us the opportunity to kick-start our journey with Echo VR. They allowed us to bring our vision to reality and showcase the potential of our Virtual Stadium stadium with their game. We also want to thank the different Echo VR Leagues and tournament organisers who have been working with us over the past year. They provided us with great feedback, ran tests and believed in what we were trying to achieve with the game. It was an honour to work with all of you and to start featuring some of your competitions in the stadium. Finally we want to thank you, the Echo VR community and early fans for your continued support in what we’re trying to achieve with Virtex Stadium. A lot of you have been very passionate both about the game and our app - we’ve had a lot of fun testing the app with you, reading your feedback and watching Echo games in the arena.

While Echo VR was the starting point for Virtex Stadium, the game’s sunsetting doesn’t affect our long term goal of becoming the virtual home for all esports. We’ve been working in the background on the next game to bring to the stadium for a while already, and we have exciting announcements coming very soon. 

What’s next for Virtex Stadium?

We will be talking to the existing leagues to understand their plans leading up to August 1st and see how we can honour Echo VR in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information. We will also be addressing this topic in our planned AMA on our Discord this Thursday, 2nd of February - so if you have questions or want to hear what our founders have to say about it, make sure to tune in!

There's a big exciting future for Virtex Stadium and we’ll have more news coming soon. In the meantime, we’re still planning to be running tests and we hope to see you around to help us - we want to build the Virtual Stadium for esports, and we need you to be part of that journey to build it with us! 

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